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At Wild we specialise in innovative botanical design and styling for Weddings, Events and Editorials.


Our florals are an artistic expression, elegant and sculptural, yet evocative of Nature in all her glory. Beautiful and unusual is our trademark, whether dramatic or understated.

We are dreamers, lovers, creators, makers. We are inspired by nature, motivated to love it, save it, nurture it. We are a team of individuals, each having their own skills and their own precious life stories but unified in our uniqueness. We want every job to be different and, yes, we do it for you, but we do it for us too!

Jill Wild, Flowersmith


We run seasonal flower arranging courses and one-off workshops to suit all levels and abilities (details on Workshops page). These are suitable for those who are new to floristry, as well as for those looking to work in the commercial industry.

And...we are occasionally invited to create Art for Art's sake - which we love! We call this 'Nexus Botanica', our connection with Nature.




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